• Sugar free nutella

    Sugar free nutella

    If there are chocolate paste lovers in your family, it would be good to learn how to make it at home. It's so simple. And homemade sugar free nutella turns out to be much healthier.

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  • Strawberry watermelon smoothie

    Strawberry watermelon smoothie

    Today we are preparing a summer refreshing drink – strawberry watermelon smoothie. The combination of strawberries and watermelon is very successful. The smoothie is bright, sweet, and fragrant, and it quenches thirst well.

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  • Chocolate healthy russian tea cookies

    Chocolate healthy russian tea cookies

    Even while on a healthy diet, you can eat deliciously and allow yourself sweets. And today we will have chocolate healthy russian tea cookies. They are made on a cottage cheese dough without any oil, and the high-grade flour is completely replaced with whole grain. After baking, they resemble buns more, and the next day…

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  • Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle

    Blueberry souffle without baking is the simplest and at the same time healthy dessert that everyone will like. It is prepared in a matter of minutes, so feel free to indulge yourself with this delicious dish. The main plus is that the souffle is low-calorie, so it is perfect for adherents of proper nutrition and…

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  • Apple oatmeal pancakes

    Apple oatmeal pancakes

    Today we are cooking apple oatmeal pancakes in a pan without flour and eggs. It is perfect for those who adhere to a healthy diet, and such a dessert will not harm your waistline. The dish is very simple and quick to prepare, no more difficult than ordinary pancakes, so feel free to cook it…

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  • Oatmeal cupcakes

    Oatmeal cupcakes

    Everyone knows how healthy it is to eat oatmeal for breakfast. However, starting every day with oatmeal quickly becomes boring. What to do if you want to eat both correctly and diversely? As an alternative to the traditional morning meal, you can prepare oatmeal cupcakes.

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  • Mango yogurt

    Mango yogurt

    It is very simple to prepare mango yogurt at home. The main thing is that all the ingredients are fresh. All your efforts will be rewarded with huge benefits for the body, as regular consumption of this "live" fermented milk product increases immunity, normalizes the digestion process, and improves mood. You can use milk of…

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  • Cottage cheese pancakes with protein

    Cottage cheese pancakes with protein

    You can’t forbid tasty eating, even on a diet. Today on the table are golden brown cottage cheese pancakes with protein without sugar. Tender, soft, protein-rich.

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  • Greek yogurt bark

    Greek yogurt bark

    Very easy to prepare low-calorie Greek yogurt bark. Almost like ice cream. For this delicious treat, natural Greek yogurt will work, both homemade and store-bought.

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  • Raspberry panna cotta

    Raspberry panna cotta

    Raspberry panna cotta is an incredibly delicate dessert based on heavy cream. We offer you a healthy panna cotta recipe that is suitable for those who watch their figure. Such a delicious and simple dessert will not add extra inches to your waist, so you can safely prepare it every day.

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  • Banana mousse

    Banana mousse

    Today we are making a tender banana mousse with gelatin. It is soft and airy, like a cloud, and incredibly fragrant. If you use ripe bananas, you won’t need to add sugar, which makes the dish attractive to those who watch their diet. This exquisite and delicate dessert can be prepared for a festive table.

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  • Low calorie sweets

    Low calorie sweets

    Today we are making low calorie sweets that you can enjoy even while on a healthy diet. They are sweet but do not contain any white sugar. In addition to prunes and dried apricots, you can use dates, raisins, and nuts. It is also good to add flax seeds, chia seeds, and goji berries.

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