• Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup

    Italian lentil soup is a model of simplicity and sophistication. Fresh vegetables (spinach, celery, tomatoes, onion) combined with aromatic herbs, spices, and the Italians’ favorite cheese ‘Parmesan’ give the soups a unique taste and aroma. And the addition of legumes to the first courses allows you to prepare an Italian lentil soup during fasting that…

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  • Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles

    Vegan chocolate truffles are amazing candies for all sweet tooths. They are not only healthy but also very filling, quickly satisfy hunger and will become an indispensable snack on a trip or at a picnic. You can use any nuts of your choice for the recipe.

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  • Apple and kiwi smoothie

    Apple and kiwi smoothie

    Apple and kiwi smoothie is a delicious fruit drink made in a blender, perfect for a light and healthy breakfast. It's easy to make at home if you have fresh fruits. In any case, it turns out to be a healthy and aromatic drink for cleansing the body and losing weight.

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  • Sugar free nutella

    Sugar free nutella

    If there are chocolate paste lovers in your family, it would be good to learn how to make it at home. It's so simple. And homemade sugar free nutella turns out to be much healthier.

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  • Pumpkin fritters

    Pumpkin fritters

    Today we are cooking very delicious pumpkin fritters. Instead of eggs, oatmeal is used here as a binding component, which allows the dish to be fasting. The patties are bright, juicy, and aromatic.

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  • Healthy oatmeal

    Healthy oatmeal

    We offer a healthy and satisfying breakfast based on oatmeal, which is perfect for those watching their figure. The dish turns out to be very tasty and is suitable for consumption during fasting. Healthy oatmeal on the table.

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  • Cauliflower fritters

    Cauliflower fritters

    Today we are cooking juicy and fragrant patties. Despite the absence of meat in the composition, they turn out to be very tasty and satisfying. Cauliflower fritters on the table.

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  • Bulgur with vegetables

    Bulgur with vegetables

    Today we are cooking a purely vegetable dish that is even more satisfying and flavorful than many meat dishes. On the table is bulgur with vegetables. Pieces of eggplant can be mistaken for meat, so the dish is well suited for a hearty lunch or dinner, as well as for fasting.

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  • Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks

    Baked carrot sticks will make a great snack. They can also be served as a side dish or as an addition to a side dish as a vegetable component. The dish is perfect for vegetarians or for consumption during fasting. Any sauce can be served with the carrots at your discretion, but the sticks themselves…

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  • Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Bulgarian bean soup (Bob chorba)

    Monastery-style chorba is a Bulgarian bean soup (bob chorba). This first course is perfect for fasting. The soup is quite light but very filling due to the beans. It is also healthy because it is made without frying.

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  • Healthy overnight oats

    Healthy overnight oats

    If there's no time to cook porridge in the morning, you can prepare breakfast from the evening, spending just two minutes. And you won't even have to approach the stove. Healthy overnight oats turns out very tasty and healthy, so it is suitable even for those who watch their figure. You can change the fillings…

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  • Green onion fritters

    Green onion fritters

    Today we are cooking a delicious seasonal dish made from onion feathers. And not only young thin feathers are suitable, but also the larger ones. We make green onion fritters. A minimum of ingredients, and juicy and fragrant patties that can be served as a separate dish, or as a side dish to meat or…

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